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When Wolves Desire

This song is by Ceremonial Castings and appears on the album Barbaric Is The Beast (2006).

She the shadow brought to me, a graveyard gift in secrecy
As she weeps; skin embraced by teeth

Her blood filthy breasts, evokes my dreams to flesh
In night's passionate flame, I am the pleasure that brings her pain

I see her eyes glow with fear
Under the night sky
I see a grin blessed with tears
Embraced in lust's surprise

Angels weep for they are deceived
Forever cursed immortality
Tonight we breath a desiring feast
To shed her of her curiosity
To walk forever in secrecy
Flesh driven pleasures in bestiality
And as her heart opens to me
I welcome her to the land of lycanthropy

She walks with me... in darkness
She took my hand... for her last caress

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