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Sweet Misery I Foresee

This song is by Ceremonial Castings and appears on the album Barbaric Is The Beast (2006).

Amidst the vast oceans of sadness
Obscure is the season of woe
Weakened I suffer so significantly
'Tis emptiness of which my river flows

I can see the sky is falling
I can feel the earth move round
I can hear my death is calling
Secluded from life I am crowned
I can see that time is fading
I can feel my life unbound
I can hear suicide is calling
From the other side; profound

Imprisoned by the ail of my affection
Forgotten: my memories deceased
Battered, benumbed, bleak and broken
Eternal shall be the existence of grief

Unanimated and subsisting to wither
Fading I perish... abandoned in my wretchedness

Sweet misery I foresee

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