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Life Sucks... And Then You Die! (1988)Edit

Cerebral Fix - Life Sucks... and Then You Die!
Life Sucks... and Then You Die!
  1. Warstorm
  2. Cerebral Fix
  3. Looniverse
  4. Give Me Life
  5. Soap Opera
  6. Behind The Web
  7. Product Of Disgust
  8. Life Sucks
  9. Power Struggle
  10. Go
  11. Fear Of Death
  12. Acid Sick
  13. Skate Drunk
  14. Zombie
  15. Existing Not Living

Tower Of Spite (1990)Edit

Cerebral Fix - Tower of Spite
Tower of Spite
  1. Unity For Who?
  2. Enter The Turmoil
  3. Feast Of The Fools
  4. Chasten Of Fear
  5. Circle Of The Earth
  6. Tower Of Spite
  7. Injecting Out
  8. Quest For Midian
  9. Forgotten Genocide
  10. Culte Des Mortes (I)
  11. Closing Irony (Hidden Track)

Bastards (1991)Edit

Cerebral Fix - Bastards
  1. Bastards
  2. Descent Into The Unconsciousness
  3. Veil Of Tears
  4. Beyond Jerusalem
  5. Return To Infinity
  6. Sphereborn
  7. I Lost A Friend
  8. Ritual Abuse
  9. Mammonite
  10. Middle Third (Mono-Culture) I
  11. Maimed To Beg
  12. No Survivors
  13. Smash It Up

Death Erotica (1992)Edit

Cerebral Fix - Death Erotica
Death Erotica
  1. Death Erotica
  2. World Machine
  3. Clarissa
  4. Haunted Eyes
  5. Mind Within Mine
  6. Angel's Kiss
  7. Still In Mind
  8. The Raft Of Medusa
  9. Splintered Wings
  10. Creator Of Ourcasts
  11. Never Again
  12. Too Drunk To Funk
  13. Burning
  14. Livin' After Midnight

Other SongsEdit

  1. Creator Of Outcasts
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