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​Tekel Upharsin

This song is by Cerberus Shoal.

Pull, pull hold my hand.
For forty years I'm crawling
Dust burnt and worn skin
There is no water where we go
Split open here is one
Rewarded and shunned
With two examples
For a mirror inverted
In spirits wrapped around blankets of battered believers
There lie dark courses minotaurs, and corpses swollen
Waiting for a saviour using
Bones to map the way with
Patterns enslave the mind
And the hearts are kept in line
By fear from up above
Too late when the light comes
How hard a heart must try
How hard a heart must find
How hard a mind must change
How hard a heart is
Distance replaces thought
And outer space is lost
When aliens conspire
To keep themselves alive
How strange a thought must see
How strange a thought must be
How strange a feeling thinks
How strange a thought is
One life is only one death
You'll find it's easier to hide what's known?
We've had to become insiders