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Bogart The Change

This song is by Cerberus Shoal.

Look at the void here
Fill it bogart the change
Excellent review
Move yourself on
And staying
I'm knowin' that you and I don't know
It's from the natural that we pull out our originality
Tell each other, one the other it could be catastrophic
Pull out any demons, they're running around uncontrolled
Strike for the demons
Strike for the demons
I.e. the sun always rises
Facing your warning your pent up rip-torn self
An ardent sarcasm
Review. snide cynics
Critic back in here
Reverent surrender
Give back
Stall your dead-de-growth
Choose open
Yes is the answer
Back up and retract, stop
Use the answer
Use the answer
I know your feathers are wet.

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