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At The Dark Of The Labyrinth

This song is by Cerber and appears on the album Hatred, Death, Intolerance... (2004).

With every death of day
When sun closes by misty clouds
When frozen winds whistle in my ears
Shadows rises above the ground
Covered by eternal winter snow
Reflected in the dark of the moon
Greedy stars laugh in the night sky
The light now is consumed
Taking the life with anger and smile
Of victim what has caught and cry
Surrounding the place of burned crosses
With raised hands invoking the sky
These dark figures now are possessed
By spiritual demise of unknown force
What prevails and dominates above
From divine's underworld source
The fog of fire shines the district
Perpetual dancing around the flame
Oaken kingdom, forgotten maze
Ancient bearded man asks the name
Seven mankinds in black robes
Facing the blood altar say sounds
The sounds what are obscure
Elder preacher tears the flesh of lamb
Somewhere in the depths of wood
They stand surrounded by smoke
Worshiping their goddess of dark
Spilling the blood under drum's strokes

(Guitar solo by Neron)

Obscure words flows from dark mouths
Breaking the silence of obscurity
The paths are covered impassable dark
Shadowed lands in black eternity
Nine obscured silhouettes stand
In front of ancient divine's flame
Grassy soil impregnated by doom
They glorify the goddess, bringing the fame
She has protected them a long years
From the beginning of human's times
She is mighty ruler of black aeon
She has brought no one thousand lives

(Guitar solo by D. Northdark)

At the dark of the labyrinth you can't see the light!

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