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After Twilight

This song is by Cerber and appears on the album Edgeland Demo (2006).

Where death once reigned
And fires were burning the soil
We built the reality
The world of old morality
Keeping the ancient wisdom
Preparing the force to win
To return what belongs us
To bring the truth to the masses
And we shall kill the lies
For one who is inexistent
We have the force of evil
To ones who came to us to kill
The visions raise me
I see how black clouds fly away
And somber years echoes the pain
The sunrise will come again
Wait, just wait and blood will spill
When last winter will bring them end
Wait, left is wait triumphantly return
When we'll drink the christian blood
I feel the coming of axe-age
And total destruction of the faith
Which having transformed us to slaves
And having created for truth the grave
I feel the coming of the axe-age soon
Our glory what they took will be returned
And ancient flame will burn their faces

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