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Raped by an Orb

This song is by Cephalic Carnage and appears on the album Misled by Certainty (2010).

There once was a place far beyond the sky
A world of debauchery and habitual plight
The chosen one peering up at the sky
Compass in hand, as the tents are raised
Archaic gods are praised

Goats heads in the stars of crimson storms
Reveals prophesied visions of twinge cruel incision
Fast asleep, the guards lie bereaved
Malnourished and diseased

Kill the lambs so we can feast
From the blood comes to life
Inhale the sulfuric blast
Of assassination from the past

Return to Neo Golgatha
War erupts, the vestal is found
Aroused by the light
The orb is in sight

Thrusting fourth into the womb
Lust will secrete
Procreation is now complete
Impregnated host

Incubation of the new messiah
Engaging revelation
Futuristic executioners want to see him dead
Religion is a cancer that must be removed

They journey back in time
To destroy the orb
Rape the virgin's mind

Seeding imminent verve
Of this extinct future race
In their symbiotic Eden
Raped by an orb


Music by:

Cephalic Carnage

Lyrics by:

Cephalic Carnage

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