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Let Them Hate So Long As They Fear

This song is by Cephalic Carnage and appears on the album Xenosapien (2007).

Let them hate, so long as they fear
Know fear so long as they hate
Distraction is poison to feeble minds
But regression will lead to total decline
Keep them down
Destroy the will
Keep their strength low
And if they speak
Slice their tongues
Show them how
Our will is done
Without fear they will only hate
With hate their power will grow
Once they choose to seek out the truth
We will then lose total control
I remember a time when our lives
Were not theirs
And if we fight, the future is ours
There is no choice but to
Disarm and revolt
Only then can we live
With freedom and hope


Written by:

Cephalic Carnage

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