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This song is by Cephalic Carnage and appears on the album Anomalies (2005).

On a distant planet
A place devoid of life
Before that un fateful day
Enviovore arrived
On that distant planet
Revolving around the sun
Little did it know
Here demise was sure to come<
Landing in the ocean
Inseminates its seas
Procreating organisms
The water comes alive
Spreading like cancer
The planet thrived
Evolving constantly
Breeding amphibianÂ's life
As water dries up
Legs develop
Lungs adapt to air
Now fast forward
To the future
Millions of years ahead
Enviovore grows, regurgitates
Assumes human shape, overpopulates
Polluting land, water & sky
The give of death is swat they prayed
Hiding from the sun's violet rays
Floating to the sky
As they leave this place
Enviovore grows
Seeds the human race
Infest the earth
Bring forth extinction
Proof of life proves fatal

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