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Cordyceps Humanis

This song is by Cephalic Carnage, features Sherwood Webber and appears on the album Misled by Certainty (2010).

Cordyceps humanis
Like something out of science fiction
We've grown too far, over population
Nature has this way of thinning us out

Fungi spores mutated from ants
Enters the human host's respiratory system
Slowly invading soft tissue
Manipulating thought process

Eating skin and flesh going insane
A self induced cannibal
Is what we've become

Clinging to the trees and skyscrapers
Where we soon shall spore
A cordyceps of malady

Autosarcophagic human
Soon to infest the species
Stroma protrudes the skull
Cranial growth conjoins

Only our mushroomed, half-eaten
Deranged skeletal vestiges will be seen
Reduced to reproductive structures
Of the body snatchers


Music by:

Cephalic Carnage

Lyrics by:

Cephalic Carnage

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