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A King & a Thief

This song is by Cephalic Carnage and appears on the album Misled by Certainty (2010).

Being misled by certainty is like confusing
Pessimistic despair for wisdom
Said the joker to the recto path thief
Well it's better the imperial abattoir he replied

Onslaught and plunder
Stains her thighs with murder
Brutal c-section is performed
The village is under siege

While royal mistress gives birth
Two biparous sons one is purged away
Deiparous emperor to be
The wizard vanishes

Absconds into the sea
Vicious steeds tread on
Feeble mass crawling
Everyone is dead

Accept the other twin
And the bleeding balatron
As they row to safety
Now a man, thy bellipotent ruler

Has scorn and contempt for his
Peasant brethren
He will stop at nothing till
His brother is dead

For robbing the coffers
And cursing the family name
Everyone around him must perish
Or he too is killed

Brothers destroy one another
Verbally tearing each other apart
Feel it in their blackened hearts
As they finally meet

Starving the peasant steals to eat
He is trapped and weak
Begging for forgiveness at thy brother's feet
I will spare your life at the gallows pole

My hate for you will soon unfold
The king and a thief are one and the same
One steals to eat and the other for gain
Crush your dreams, enforced pain

Inflicting their father's rage
Staring at their dying mother's face
In his brother's now dead eyes
Tears seal their family ties

Music by:

Cephalic Carnage

Lyrics by:

Cephalic Carnage

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