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Monument Sails

This song is by Centro-Matic and appears on the album Fort Recovery (2006).

It's a number four gain
On this viking terrain
Surprise, a needed relief
For a thirty-year pain
Came with all allegiance high
To the monument sails of the southern skies

Never to deny the magnitude gained
On the final drive
And if there's time,
Just rearrange everyone for a
Change of scenery
Add to that moment an electric victory
That you will surely see

This airborne attack on a suspect
DB was planned
A false sense of safety on enemy ground,
A band stand but they have been missing
The calls to the line,
Their time has run to some point where
Their motion is locked down
And the consequent range
Of their crisis and change
At hand was the right combination
In wrecking it all for them

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