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If I Had A Dartgun

This song is by Centro-Matic and appears on the album Redo The Stacks (1996).

An instrumental kicks off this mess,
There's no words but I'll try to confess
We're all unblamable but I might blame you now
Befriend the friend who might get you in,
And watch the masses all try to pretend
They're all unflammable but I might burn them out.

It's all a routine, and part of this scene
With all the secrets and in between
I've got secrets to sell, but I can't tell you now.

It's incidental that you'd finally see - you're crossing me
We're all unsellable but I might sell you out
Between the when and whereabouts no doubt, I'll be finding out
We're all unbreakable, but I might break you now.

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