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Redo The Stacks (1996)Edit

Centro-Matic - Redo The Stacks
Redo The Stacks
  1. The Pilot's On The Wall
  2. Parade Of Choosers
  3. Terrified Anyway
  4. Post-It Notes From The State Hospital
  5. Fidgeting Wildly
  6. The Cannonball Shot
  7. Part Of This Accident
  8. Am I The Manager Or Am I Not?
  9. Cannot Compete
  10. Are You Ready For The Shutdown?
  11. Don't Smash The Qualifying Man
  12. Hoist Up The Popular Ones
  13. Starfighter #1479
  14. Bitter (Did You Notice That?)
  15. Rock And Roll Eyes
  16. If I Had A Dartgun
  17. Tied To The Trailer
  18. My Supermodel Girlfriend Gone AWOL
  19. You're Like Everyone
  20. Take The Original Frame
  21. Capture The Aimless Boy
  22. Mandatory On The Attack
  23. Good As Gold

All The Falsest Hearts Can Try (2000)Edit

Centro-Matic - All The Falsest Hearts Can Try
All The Falsest Hearts Can Try
  1. Cool That You Showed Us How
  2. Blisters May Come
  3. Call The Legion In Tonight
  4. In The Strategy Room
  5. Huge In Every City
  6. Saving A Free Seat
  7. Save Us, Tothero
  8. Most Everyone Will Find
  9. Gas Blowin' Out Of Our Eyes
  10. Hercules Now!
  11. Magic Cyclops
  12. Would Go Over
  13. Members Of The Show Them How It's Done
  14. Aerial Spins / Nautical Wilderness

Distance and Clime (2001)Edit

Centro-Matic - Distance and Clime
Distance and Clime
  1. The Connection's Not So Civilized
  2. Fountains Of Fire
  3. Scrap The New Rails
  4. To Unleash The Horses Now
  5. Tundra (Part Seven)
  6. The Given Geography
  7. Truth Flies Out
  8. Janitorial On Channel Fail
  9. On The Sagtikos
  10. Actuator's Great
  11. Tonight Is Not It
  12. Decorated Equals
  13. Patiently Standing
  14. Upton To Riverhead To Mastic
  15. Call Down The Systems And The Ranks

Love You Just The Same (2003)Edit

Centro-Matic - Love You Just The Same
Love You Just The Same
  1. The Mighty Midshipman
  2. Flashes & Cables
  3. Argonne Limit Co.
  4. Biology Tricks
  5. Strahan Has Corralled The Freaks
  6. All The Lightning Rods
  7. Reset Anytime
  8. Picking Up Too Fast
  9. Spiraling Sideways
  10. Supercar
  11. Silver Plate Complaints
  12. Breathe Deep Not Loud
  13. Without You

Fort Recovery (2006)Edit

Centro-Matic - Fort Recovery
Fort Recovery
  1. Covered Up In Mines
  2. Calling Thermatico
  3. Patience For The Ride
  4. I See Through You
  5. In Such Crooked Time
  6. For New Starts
  7. The Fugitives Have Won
  8. Monument Sails
  9. Triggers & Trash Heaps
  10. Nothin' I Ever Seen
  11. Take The Maps & Run
  12. Take A Rake

Dual Hawks (2008)Edit

Centro-Matic - Dual Hawks
Dual Hawks
  1. The Rat Patrol And DJ's
  2. Two Seats Gold Reserved
  3. Quality Strange
  4. Remind Us Alive
  5. Every Single Switch
  6. I, The Kite
  7. Strychnine, Breathless Ways
  8. All Your Farewells
  9. Counting The Scars
  10. Twenty-Four
  11. A Critical Display Of Snakes

Candidate Waltz (2011)Edit

Centro-Matic - Candidate Waltz
Candidate Waltz
  1. Against The Line
  2. All The Talkers
  3. Iso-Residue
  4. Estimate x 3
  5. Only In My Double Mind
  6. Solid States
  7. Shadow, Follow Me
  8. Mercedes Blast
  9. If They Talk You Down

Other SongsEdit

  1. All Hail the Label Scouts
  2. Glacial Slurs
  3. The Massacre Went Well

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