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You And Your Beard Get The Fuck Out Of Here

This song is by Cemeteries.

Somethings have gone
Nothings the same
And you'll be back again
Begging for forgiveness
From the ones that were your friends
Trying to make up for
All the things you put us through
But you won't find your redemption over here

Somethings are gone
Nothings the same
But we know you'll be crawling back again
Somethings have gone
Somethings have changed
But we know you'll be crawling back again

This time it's real
No turning back
You stabbed us in the back
Frontin like you're different
While planning the attack
Give me some space before I
Cut your throat!
Miss the way it was
I'm sure that I can cope

Look what you did
You ruined us
And now you're gonna pay
Make up your excuses
Vomit out your lies
You think we never noticed
But we've always realized

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