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Shut Up And Grow Up

This song is by Cemeteries.

Cloudy view on life
It's not the way it goes
You live in your own world and everybody knows
Stuck here in a draw
I do all I can but you still want more
This is the last problem you'll have from me
We're both the same afraid of change
But it's not healthy
To live a life afraid of words
I'm sorry it must end this way

You blame me for everything
You want me to fix it all
But I can't stop the rain from pouring x2

Ah here it goes
It's all my fault
I won't sit here and take this from you
It's all my fault
Whatever you say
Everyone has problems they deal with everyday
Suck it up
Learn how to deal
Just because that's how you see it
Doesn't mean it's real

You're ignorant!
You're ignorant!

None of it's my fault!

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