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Touch You

This song is by Celtus and appears on the album Portrait (1999).

Things ain't like they used to be
A smile, it seldom cracks across your face, these days
And you say the weight of living
Drags you down
Well it's just the same for me - you see
Though, we don't always live in harmony
And we sometimes act like we're enemies
Still, I feel the need to show you I still care
Why can't I touch you
Why can't I hold you
Why can't I reach down inside
To the feelings you hide
Why can't I touch you
Like I used to do, like I used to
Spent the day wrapped up in a blanket
Lying on my bed and feeling down
So down
And I curse the rain
And I damn this wasted time
When I can't find nothing else to do or say

Let me try and put a smile back on your face
Don't let this moment slip away
Turn the finger of blame back onto itself
Try to forgive and to forget

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