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Lagan Love

This song is by Celtic Thunder and appears on the album Storm (2011).

My, my Lagan love
My Lagan love
Where Lagan stream sing lullaby
There blows a lily fair
The twilight gleam is in her eyes
The night is on her hair
And like a lovesick lenanshee

She hath my heart in thrall
No life I own, no liberty
For love is lord of all

My Lagan love
And sometimes when the beetle horn
Hath lulled the eve to sleep
I steal unto her shieling low
And through the dooreen peep
There on the cricket's singing stone
She stirs the bogwood fire
And hums in soft sweet undertones

The song of heart's desire
The song of heart's desire


Written by:

. Traditional; Sinead O'connor; Donal Lunny; Stephen Patrick Wickham; Adrian Maxwell Sherwood; Alan Edward Branch; Pete Lockett; Professor Stretch; Joseph Campbell

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