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I'll Tell Me Ma/Courtin' In The Kitchen/Irish Rover

This song is by Celtic Thunder.

I'll tell me ma when I get home
The boys won't leave the girls alone
They pulled my hair and stole my coat
But that's alright, when I get home

She is handsome, she is pretty
She is the belle of Belfast City
She is a-courting one, two, three
Please, won't you tell me who is she?

Let the wind and the rain and the hail blow high
And the snow come tumbling from the sky
She's as sweet as apple pie
She'll get her own lad by and by

When she gets a lad of her own
She won't tell her ma when she gets home
Let them all come as they will
For it's Albert Mooney she loves still

(Courtin' In The Kitchen)

Come single belle and beau
And to me pay attention
Don't ever fall in love
It's the devil's own invention
For once I fell in love with a lady so bewitching
Mrs. Henrietta Bell down in Captain Kelly's kitchen

Sing tu ra da lu ra da lie
Sing tu ra da lu ra da laddy
Sing tu ra da lu ra da lie
And a tu ra lu ra laddy

She went up to her room
I said "Good Lord almighty!"
She slipped back down the stairs
Wearing nothing but her nighty
Put her arms around me waist; she slyly hid the marriage
Till to the door in haste came Captain Kelly's carriage

Sing tu ra da lu ra da lie
Sing tu ra da lu ra da laddy
Sing tu ra da lu ra da lie
And a tu ra lu ra laddy

(Irish Rover)

'Twas the fourth of July Eighteen Hundred and Six
We set sail from the sweet cove of Cork
We were sailing away with a cargo of bricks
For the grand city hall in New York

'Twas a wonderful craft, she was rigged fore and aft
No how the wild winds drove her
She got several blast, she got twenty-seven mast
And they called her the Irish Rover

We had sailed seven years when the measles broke out
And the ship lost it's way in the fog
And that whale of a crew was reduced down to two
Just meself and the captain' sold dog!

Then the ship struck a rock- oh Lord, what a shock
The bulkhead was turned right over
Turned nine times around and the poor old dog was drowned
One, two, three!
I'm the last of the Irish Rover!

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