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Guardian Angel

This song is by Celtic Legacy and appears on the album Resurrection (2003).

I speak to you each morning
And at night before I sleep
And although I've never seen your face
We lived a million dreams
Walk inside minds eye with me
Your light is mine to give
To show me as I go through life
That dreams are mine to live

Now I don't need a reason for you to follow me
Oh my dear friend why can't you see

You are my guardian angel, watching over me
And with every step and every move
Through thick and thin we'll be
And if I ever stray your're always there to lend a hand
Oh guardian angel stay with me
Through the good times and the bad

Shadows move above my head as I take a chance
But you always have a reason for me
Not to get entranced
By people leading me astray who try to take my soul
But your always there to shine your light
For me to follow home

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