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Dance On Yer Grave

This song is by Celtic Legacy and appears on the album Guardian Of Eternity (2003).

I've gotta try to make the best of things
Now that you've run and gone
You went and messed around with destiny
And really done me wrong

Don't feel so strong, you're not beside me now
I'm feeling all alone
And now the thoughts of what you've done to me
They rip me through the bone

Shame on me, oh what a fool I've been
Shame on you, for thinking I was gone
Shame on me, I'm going to rock your world
I'm going to open your eyes to pain

I'm going to dance on yer grave
You're gonna feel it too
'Cause when I dance on your grave
Man I'll be lovin' it too

You know I'm going to have the final word
Because you done me wrong
And now I'm better than I ever was
I'm never down for long

You were the thorn that stuck within my side
You're taken out for good
'Cause now I'm stronger and I feel refined
I hope that it's understood

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