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Under My Feet

This song is by Celldweller and appears on the album Celldweller (2003).

So this is how it feels to suffer?
And I had so much to say
But it's over now
And I'm going down
Alone, alone

I've no guarantees
I'll recognize my disease
Before my time is gone
It's all I've found
Can't get the hell off the ground
Out from under my feet

Promises and wishes all mean nothing
When it's me that I'm speaking to
Wanting something
Won't mean I will see it through

I don't need to see these visions to remind me
That I'm dying from the inside out
Wanting you here
Still means I must do without

I can't criticize your reasons for living
When I'm the one missing them
Wanting, dreaming
That I may find where they come from
Find where they come from
(Where they come from)

And I dream you
And I want to
Be near you
I can't get up out from under my feet
I've tried to
But can't get it through
I need to
God is all I've found
Can't get the hell off the ground
Out from under my feet

So this is how it feels, you sucker
And you've had too much to say
But it's over now
You're finally going down
Alone, alone

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