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Vengeance Is Its Own Reward

This song is by Cellar Door and appears on the album December Was Lost (2004).

At midnight, when the clock hands go their seperate ways
We sit here all alone, and wait for daylight

My lips dodge teardrops from her eyes
Her moves invite me to stay longer
Wistful words of love and lies
The mood is set, silent and somber

I wish I could remember your name
And are you worth the price I'll pay?

Let's be discreet, this is the beat of my heart
Yelling "come and get me"
Razor sharp, your fingernails trace violence on my back
Should I pull the plug, and end this heart attack

The room is locked, and double bolted
Sirens in the distance cry
The call for help casts guilty actors
Begging for this lovers crime

This bed, an altar, lights fill the sky
Commanding silence and surrender
Time measured in worthless pleadings
Blood stained sheets will scream in your defense

Bury my lies under rocks and layers of cement
These hands will kill no longer baby, after i'm through with you
Till your cries heal the wounds you gave
I will send you to an early grave

Blatantly challanging the shattered mirror
7 years bad luck, or 7 chances at this game of Russian Roulette
The neighbors have gone to sleep, the town is quiet/
Let this gunshot ring like the conscience that held its peace

Lost in your eyes, the color blue,
makes me realize I'll never forget you
The scent of your hair, like poison, a toxic perfume
Jumpstarts my frail heart, it beats in breakdowns for you

Why couldn't you have just stayed the same?
My sprits dead, your soul is saved!