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Nocturnal Insanity

This song is by Celestial Crown and appears on the album The Embraced (2002).

...Our darkful souls shall mingle our spirits unity
But when our blood is joined as one
We Can Never Die...

When the Wind calling my name, lashing my hair
Arise from The Dead I'm awaking
From a crypt under moonlit, need a blood to atone
A guilt of Virgin Maiden
She is in a prayer on her knees, before temptation
Was a bliss, she is screaming
And again with sexual urge, with wolf's song on
Lips like Dirge I'm singing
Temptation wars with Love
Love bleeding, slipping away
Poison kiss you feel
Not screaming you fall insane
Completely Darkness calls to be insane
I feel strength inside of me, asking for more you
Wanna be my vampyric queen
I've possessed your human soul but need to go
With oncoming dawn in my crypt
You're enslaved but still don't know feel of
Weakness, dream of love-you dream of me
Night descends again on Earth by the window
You ask for love-You let me in
I'm inside of You our blood is joined
As one
Poison kiss you feel you've a blissful Existence
Our time has come to be the one

Desire we've been left to teach
Under the stare of night
Rorasa came to bless wedding us
To make us lovers in blood

"I give a promise to you-
I shall never forget that the blood will always be kept for us as
The life for all flesh of the dead..."

(07 December 98)

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