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​Embittered With Grief

This song is by Celestial Crown and appears on the demo Invasion Of Suicidal Angels (2001).

Embittered with grief on my knees, amidst the bloody battle fields
I try to find a strength to overcome that pain inside of my heart
When you left us alone in our own blood
Without any help in abyss of the Hell to die...

Life! Was it justly for me?
My belief it's gone with you

Screams in the night were the last that I heard before my fall
Forgotten, forbidden, chocking and bleeding
For what that's all?

You had to come to me
When I was forsaken by you?
You've stayed with them instead of me
Tell! Could I chose when you gave me no choice
I had to flee
From Temple Of Yours and Your mad love in
A castle by sea
Where the shadows and silent silence were
With me
To teach me the past cause it keeps the answers
"How to live"

Time to tell you what I've learned for years
That passed on darkside with me, and tears
That streamed from my eyes and washed
The shores where I slept
Stricken with grief, were for You with hope
To be forgiven

What do you want
Creature of evil?

I am in fall, salvation for those who are blind
With your love
Insanity on Earth I recant from you- God
To find me just think where I can be...

We still lie
On the fields of our blood
And nevermore the life can heal
Our wounds, the damaged souls
We're gone with winds
Singing so sweetly
As the spreading madness
Rules the human
And leads them to

(May 99)