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Coming Home

This song is by Celeste.

She's gone
Alive, not well
She's not coming home again this time
Why do I always feel like
Coming home never hurt so bad

The train is abroad
Upon the rail
And she's not looking back
At me again this time
Wondering why she's not coming home tonight

Daddy waits for her
At the foot of her bed
With a devilish smile
And a clinched fist
It's ready to strike her down
Will the blood run to her lips
Like it did before

He waits for her
In a dim-lit room
Where there are no windows
And there are no light
And the only thing that litters the floor
Are the shards of glass
And empty diary pages
That she left behind
Somewhere lies
The answers to where she's been
Where she's gone
And why she's not coming home

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