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​Don't Ever Jump Feet First Into A Crowd

This song is by Celebrity Gunfight.

Stand tall, it doesn't matter; walk.
So you went here to there you came back and you're scared.
Where's the shame? you learned a lesson in life.
They tied a rope around the neck of the poor and the blind this time

These lines are for you seed to grow,
Into the man you thought you were,
And you know I would have wasted all that time
And I would have come back scared today.

You walked that night the darkest streets I know,
Contemplating; when are you going to get your life and come back home.
[Screamed] Rope tied- trap drawn this time.
Concentrate; standing straight to take what's yours.

But don't you ever give up; you got it.
Sing hallelujah for the flame inside.
Just 'cause they burned all your witnesses opposing your convictions;
Know you'll survive this life with these lines.

So when your ticket left you right back again to where you started from;
You can't look back and can't replace-yeah,
Your ticket left you right back again to where you started from
But can't look back and can't [gang vocals] replace.