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This song is by Celebration.

Predators, can you ride? Defend this pride?
I feel it shack deep down in this pack,
Seekin' charms of supple arms.

What do you stand on? What do you stand on?
Paws and claws. Paws and claws.

Killers to shed any blood, shed too, I shed it in the light.
Can you stay up and howl all night?
But what if it hurts? What if it hurts?
Grow wings, no pain.

These fangs, that sharp crown of canine draw blood.

Killers head? Arms, that's the fault!
Can we be free, can we be free and let it ring?
And when it wants, anyway and though you know
We deserve everything good... or not.

At once, go turn the fur's silent arms.
Turn to anything that says light.

I said once, I said once,
Once I led the kittens to cave,
So I fed the cub to his grave, all right.

Maybe it's once but the hide's still warm.
To walk and parade a separated arm.
And give your seeds beneath the woods.
Forgive and forget it seems.

I can't forget the words,
But no one understands.
I still shovel the blood.
Here look to my kin that's the one.
Maybe we'll be all clean when it's done.
I feel like a child down to the bone.
I said once.

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