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This song is by Celadon Candy and appears on the album Celadonia (2016).

Once upon a time, I used to be a Socialist
Until they ran out, of room for a vocalist
Community, we share and share alike
How can I share, what isn't mine?
I can't share, what isn't mine...
I can't spare, what isn't mine
Once I flew a plane to the land of philanthropy, until it crashed down in a sea of apathy
In unity, we live until we die
Why should I bear... what isn't mine?
I can't bear... what isn't mine
I shouldn't bear what isn't mine
One hungry son of a bitch, supersperm with a ten inch dick
International, top of the list, I've go the world by its balls
Has 34 met Sixty six?
To justify why you exist?
Your grave is on our list, to build another strip mall...

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