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Demon Girl

This song is by Cecil Otter.

I got an angel in one pocket,
The others full of nickels
One for every time I pulled a pistol on your innocence
You've been a victim since you bit your lips under my sheets
Under my spell and I was under your wing
Little bird found her bee and she suffered my sting
No wonder why I sing to any open ears
With enough food for two cents drenched in regret
Best friends since we met but these trends that I set
They came and double crossed me in crisis
I took your king off his throne but I adopted his vices
You said "well I never"

Now if I had a nickel for every time I said never
I'd be rich and have you livin' in your picture perfect shoes
If I had an excuse for every time I left clues
That I was distancing myself from you I'd need a rescue
And if I had a focus for most of these twenty-six years
Dear, I'd be a hero to myself
But the truth is...
I need a rescue.

Now it's like,
I'm too vain and insecure to drive the land and visit her
I hide away all immature my pictures sure to fade away
So fade away.

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