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Hanging With A Maybe (Demo)

This song is by Cecil Adora.

I could be yours in my head, in my head
Lovers and friends will be misread and be mislead
Say you'll wait for me, say you'll wait for me my dear
You're drifting, you're drifting

(Won't you) slow down a little bit don't keep me here hanging with a maybe, a maybe so help me out.
I know that even if I reach out you could slip away. I can't believe that it's just too late.

Cast me your smile, you held me close, you held me close.
With a peculiar style you hooked me in and then you froze.
So you turned away, so you turned away from me still clinging, still clinging.

If you are my star and I am your earth, is the light that I see something already burnt?

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