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Without Love

This song is by CeCe Winans and appears on the album Alabaster Box (1999).

Without love
There's no need to prophesy
Without love
There would be no blue skies
Without love
We're all just wasting our time
Love's the key to eternal life

Love suffers long and it's kind to all
(All the time)
It never fails, helping others
(Never seeks her own)
Love always bears and endureth all
Without love everything would fall

Love is the greatest gift that
(God has given us)
It never leaves
Love is stronger
(Than anything)

I can have faith to remove mountains
But it means nothin' without love

Love is the greatest
God has given us
It never leaves
Than anything
I can have faith
To remove mountains

Love is the key
(It's the greatest gift)
Love is the key
(It forgives all things)

Love is the key
(It's the greatest gift of all)
Love is the key
We need love, we need love
We need love, love is the key

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