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The River

This song is by CeCe Winans and appears on the compilation The Prince of Egypt: Inspirational (1998).

Original video
The river flows from the depths of my soul
Save my son from harm and danger
It's killing me, still, I've gotta let him go
Trust in you 'cause you're not a stranger
(You are a spark, Misses joy)
Now save my innocent boy
I'll be forever in your debt
I won't forget

(I'm talking to you, river)
I know you're able to deliver
Won't you take him with you (river)
Take care of him
That's my heart, my heart

Familiar friend, it's your hand that he's in
Carry him with blessed assurance
Don't let him go 'til you know that he's safe
I pray to God the Father for amazing grace

I've given you all that I've got
Now save him from Pharaoh's plot
Of killing each child that's born a man
I'm talking to you, river
You're able to deliver
Won't you take him with you, river
Take care of him
That's my heart, he's my heart

Now that I put him in the water
I pray for you to do what you've got to do with my son, yeah
(Let him go, let him go)

I'm talking to you, river
Ooh yeah, I know you're able to deliver
Ooh, won't you (take him with you, river) take him
Take care of him
Take care of him, my baby
Let him go, let him go, let him go

Written by:

Louis Brown III and Scott Shavoni Parker

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