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​This Is Forever

This song is by Cdc.

Were all here
What are you here for?

I'm out to speak my fuckin' mind
Opinions that I used to hide
One more time

Your lifes so secure
Wish I had half what you've got
Something tells me you don't have what it takes
Determination and the fucking will

It's not about your indie fashion show
Its about the music and the bros
If you don't like the way it fuckin' goes
Don't wanna see you at our shows

You don't like the way it fucking goes
Don't wanna see you at our shows
Running your mouth with the strength you lack
New jack better watch your back

Living in your safe world
You've got nothing to show
Standing at the back of the room
Whining about your broken glasses

Lets go

Your perceptions
Failed you again
Run back to Elliot you fucking faggot
You think
This is a fucking game
You're dead wrong
This is forever
This is forever