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​Crowd War

This song is by Cdc.

Holding your broken jaw, you wonder why CDC plays so fucking hard.
Go!... GO GO GO!
Fuck your phony fasade. Don't care for your fucking image.
Face the mirror, you fucking joke, you're the same as all the others.
Television, magazines make up what you are.
What the fuck are you trying to prove, your no fucking star.
Smash your face with this hate coming from disgust.
CDC faggot stomp this is a must!

Crowd war!

(This part is missing)

Here we fuckin' go!
Crowd War!
Tear you and your friends from bow to stern.
Don't care if I'm 5'11
155, it's all about what's inside.
Crowd war GO!
Channel that energy in a negative way, there's gonna be a crowd war today.