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​Talkin Loud

This song is by Caz and appears on the album Thundadome (2000).

(Feat. Bad Azz)

(Caz talking)
Uh yeah, check this out here
Dedicated to busters, marks, tricks
Mickey ass niggas, whatever you may be
(Fake ass) Keep it real
(Beat starts)
Uh, uh
Yeah see we tryin' to stay real up in these streets
You know what I'm sayin'
Niggas talkin' 'bout things they drivin'
On streets they can't even park it on
You know what I'm sayin'
And they talkin' 'bout things they wearin
That they can't even spell, you know what I'm sayin'
Baby if you can't afford it, don't speak on it
If you don't live it, don't beat it

(Bad Azz)
Look, never ever take your wives off the street
'Cause niggas'll catch you slippin and pull out they heat
Everybody rappin' ain't talkin' 'bout nothin'
Watch us rush to the front and hush 'em the fuck up
We don't give a shit, suck up, dick, when we come through
I thought you knew, this Double L cool D rainin like terror
Wake up everyday and see my face in the mirror
Make me wanna mash more, I ain't trippin'
Get my cash so, that's what the fuck a nigga blast fo'
You need to stop, all of that poppin' on my crew
'Cause nigga the evil that men do
I'll have a nigga twisted in the mix with this
I'm with my nigga Scoob ridin' low tryin' to get my chips
I told you motherfuckers from the jump to the finish
We gone do this, so end this, like a menace

(Chorus x2: Bad Azz)
Why y'all be talkin' loud
But don't know what the fuck your talkin' about
Just got down write me some cuts
Sample, of a song that's tight
Don't never let me see you touch a mic

I guess I gotta speak up on it, how I'm not feelin' the game
Simple and plain, these motherfuckers should be ashamed
On how they flippin the bird, nigga absurd
The niggas I ball with ain't never even heard of
You livin' through your raps, well busta I done traveled the maps
Now I'm hustlin for claps, don't make me turn back
You little non-bangin' nigga you don't know me like that
To do it too low, 'cause you know, I'll stop your whole show
Keep that shit up out your fo', we gone be all right
Go and hire a real hood, and make them motherfuckin pockets tight
Aight? Don't speak up on it if you don't be up on it
You ain't from my hood, so I know you don't see up on it
Sittin' patient, waitin, a nigga get his turn though
Learned my business, Big Caz be my witness
Lyrical fitness, like four hundred to the chin
I could call out some names, but where would I begin

Who breaks who off, who body is soft
My controlness becomes a loss, bosses, ah no boss
So test the stress, good luck, I hope you make it
I'm sittin' on the corner side of the street screamin "Buck get naked"
The key is to gather this whole chatterness
Not trippin' off the ghettoness, I live in the scandolous
It's cool, 'cause I live high to wild and rouze huh
Been over to many times, bitch you should lose so we could choose
Women of the world, please don't envy me
Rather hold to your struggles, your pain, and mistreating
Walkin' around here braggin about what you doin' out here
While these niggas got your life in they hand, pimpin' you

(Chorus till fade)