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The End of Our Rope Is a Noose

This song is by Cave In and appears on the album Until Your Heart Stops (1998).

Goodbye to his starving concrete male lows
Resign all need for bargaining with an open door
To a closet full of all the things he wrote as a kid
I can't believe what it did
Whole arachnid-eyed spinnerets form: the motive slips
The bugs become the end, they eat you
Glued by the palms to a dinner-plate passive meat
Shrewd likeness arms him like a runaway, rampant glories
Nothing short of a forced-drum drama vibe wished goodbye
The knot that never comes untied
Leaves feelings I know someone else has lied
About who you are and what you know
The whitest lies are blinding snows
Eyed in the mockery of his prey
Fevered company with an array of wretched-looking
Sister faces, breathing the air of scare and tyranny
He hunched right over, for me to use his back and write
Out the eviction notice from my heart; no remorse
The "I's" were dotted with poignant stabs
All the things that I wrote as a kid
I can't believe what it did to you
Low and behold, the end of our rope is a noose
I chased him right back into eternal peace
And sealed that closet door

Written by:

Stephen Brodsky