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Off To Ruin

This song is by Cave In and appears on the album Perfect Pitch Black (2005).

Take a breather and I'll explain
It's a wager that surely wins
As you heed the call of the 'be all, end all'
With a needle and threaded pin

And it calls your name
And it kills me, too
Now your dear friend's gone
Now your dear friend's gone

It's a coating I need to shed
But the pain will go underfed
So you freeze in your tracks
And your reasoning cracks
And the waves will hang lower than low?
But the needle is slow
The disease will then grow
Underneath and underground
When you scream there's not a sound
And away you go off to ruin

Blood will flow, my dear friend
Dim the lights into perfect pitch black
My conscience pulled me aside
Don't invite yourself into that world

What surprises are still in store?
What arises from in your core?
No, the demons won't talk
Till you finally unlock
And away we go off to ruin

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