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No One's Watching

This song is by Cavalier.

Bada Bop Bop Ba
Dancing bossa nova
Our pulses left us long ago
And cadences are taking over
Some day I hope to find that dress
I though I knew she loved so much
But I can't help believing such a lie
The tempo stopped for both of us
Our paces quickly falling out of time

Let's dance like no one's watching
Forget about the fact you'll soon be standing alone
Be still. Your hands are trembling
And take my keys 'cause I'm not taking you home

It's getting hard to breathe
I can't even hear the music
Someone turn the lights back on
And call a cab 'cause I am going home
I don't have to wear expensive shoes
When I go out with you
This image we've portrayed till now has died
To say that either one of us
Had gained a single thing from this
Is why I tried

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