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​New Empire

This song is by Cavalar and appears on the album As A Metal Of Fact (2006).

Desparate days won't find me sinking
Now I see the lights
Shining bright when I'm thinking
From today I won't be afraid
Nothing else to be paid
Hear from me I'm safe and sound
Clearing out my way

Last time, lost mind
Waking from nightmares
That were killing my life
Last time, lost mind
Since I was born
Till the end of the line

I jumped out of fire
I'm overloaded with power
I've built my new empire

Desperate days
Couldn't change my decisions
Through the hard times I passed
Hell yeah it had some reasons
Since that day I took that plane
My fears slid away
Times of change have switched my lane
I carry it as my fate

(Repeat Bridge and Chorus)