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​Going For It

This song is by Cavalar and appears on the album As A Metal Of Fact (2006).

A fresh start in my life I will take
No regrets no more rancour
Another way to get me out from the past
To forget explanations
Go ahead and try the best I can
To reset all my frustrations and then...
Think a way never to get upset
To expect motivation

Every day just seemed like the same
Far beyond the glories and fame
But I say now I'm going, going for it!
Day and night I used to be awake
Searching for whatever were my mistakes
By I say now I'm going, going for it!

In the future I'm gonna look ahead
Waste of time never in my mind
Take a chance as high as I can get
In the end feeling all right
Play so hard play so loud in every town
Driving the crowd nuts
Rock 'n' Roll is my only way to the top
I will Rock