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God Damned Rebel

This song is by Cavalar and appears on the album As A Metal Of Fact (2006).

I've got no doubt in what I wanna be
All my beliefs are made from what I see
A brave new world should I be part of it?
I carry my life in a way that a few follow me

I'm a God damned rebel
Driven by the wind
I'm a God damned rebel
Whose spirit flies so free

Wild life style form here to eternity
Keeps me alive and kicking oh yes indeed
When my truth comes out
I could make enemies
But keep real friends closer
Who are so proud of me

In my veins flames I sustain
From the force within I remain insane

Behave yourself when saying:
It's not for me I can not make it
It just happened a while ago
As I found myself from coast to coast

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