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Typical Observation Song

This song is by Caustic Soda.

Thousands of people question their lives
Everyday and they come up with different answers
Based on what is important them.

If they can't reach the goals that they have set,
Lack of drive or means, or just don't know yet
It becomes harder to find a reason to sow the next seed.
Some turn to God.
Some turn to substance abuse.
Some turn on the TV and soak up the useless information,
Which washes over them endlessly.

There's a lot of us drowning in it.

What about me well, I'm OK.
I can stand up here chanting to you all day (
Ill always stupidly think that I have something worthwhile to say!).
But what those who just can't stand it,
Not because they're weak but they just don't understand the life dictated to them by society.

Knock, knock. Gods not here. And their beer can't blur things forever
So they just endeavour to be ...
But when exactly did we get told to live our lives accordingly?

We just got thrown in the deep end.
Its sink or swim.
Young and alone in the swell with no direction.
Where the hell is that pearly white angel when you need him?

Checked my shoulder, just traces of where his claws had been.
65 year old woman hoarding cans from a garbage bin. Plastered to the asphalt, a sad, wet feather fallen from his wing.
25 year old executive at a pay phone got his wife to ring and the girl right next to him ...
Has got her frail white hand stuck down a drain, grasping for a twenty cent piece that she desperately needs to get home on the last train.
We pretend not to see it.
I'm so scared to believe it a parents death away from living the same way and I don't want any part of it. Middle class ignorance deliver me from it.

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