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1000 Tears

This song is by Cause For Concern.

The rain beats the sound of your name on the streets outside,

It taps on the glass of my window, asking me out tonight,

As I step out it's pouring down, baptising the night,

Neon greets the empty streets with flickering light.

A thousand tears fall from the sky,

Hiding the ones that I cry tonight,

A thousand tears fall from my eyes,

But they're lost in the rain.

I can see your face in the haze of the neon lit rain,

It seems to smile into the night, and then fades away,

The icy cold rain stings my face, but I don't complain,

And as I walk these streets alone, they all look the same.

A couple kiss in youthful bliss in a sheltered doorway,

The only sign of life I see in an otherwise empty story,

The rain still beats the sound of your name on the streets around me,

And in the haze above your grave, you smile at me.

Or so it seems.

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