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The Final Incantation / In The Dreaming City

This song is by Cauldron Born and appears on the compilation album God of Metal (1998).

Magic circles etched upon the floor
Hours of fasting and prayer
Time to open the forbidden door

Triangle of manifestation
Call on the Legions
Here they will be bound

The Tetragrammaton spoken
Bathed in blood spilled fresh
Black book of knowledge bound in human flesh

Hours of peering into a black mirror
Voices called forth from beyond Hells on top of Hells

Liar, treacherer you won't hide behind the cross
We were here before you or your puny deities
Liar, treacherer, murderer you won't hide behind the cross
You looked into the black mirror of your soul

Terror lies when you dream where the gods dream
Could I have descended from such vile and evil things
And is this what I aspired to evolve to
Terror lies when you dream where they dream

Unseen hand, you're knocked to sprawl
Flesh is torn out of your belly snakes crawl
Hail to thee Infernal Hosts
Necromancer, know the ecstasy of sweet Hell, eternally

They found him lying dead beside a square of Mars