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This song is by Caught Inside and appears on the compilation Suffer The Ultimate Core-Uption (1998) and on the compilation You'll Never Eat Fast Food Again (1999).

Is this the end we're going through?
Or is it just what you want me so bad to believe in?
So call me names, call me indifferent
This is the final day of what you've come to believe
With olive branches in your hand, where do I lead a heart that makes me bleed?
I failed the test of time, wonder why
No more tear filled nights
This is where I'm right
We're so stuck in our ways
Let's come around just one more time and face the day
This is for our sanity and time
For all those sleepless nights and countless senseless fights
Resurrect feelings I thought were gone
Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
Can't figure out where we belong
I'm wakin' up on soiled sheets, I haven't left my room in weeks
Not moving forward, but on the right track
I often wonder why I feel this way, a constant pull on my heart
And I'd venture that you feel the same, against better judgment, we stay
And now we've climbed the highest mountaintop, we can take our time coming down
But I always return to hear the sound