Caught In The Act:Let This Love Begin Lyrics

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Let This Love Begin

This song is by Caught In The Act and appears on the album Caught In The Act Of Love (1995) and on the album We Belong Together: 6 Years Of Success (1998).

Baby I guess I've only known you
Two days or so now
But I sure know that
Lady I want to hold you
For the rest of all time
Because I've realized
Just sitting here with you
Holding your hand I'm in paradise
Lost in your wonderland
On a moonlit summers night
We watch the ocean rolling in
I guess the time is right
To let this love begin
You showed me what I should have seen
I heard the words I'd only dreamed
I guess the time is right
To let this love begin
Baby we'll take a walk alone
And try to imagine
We're here forever
'Cause lady, the thoughts of leaving
Haunt the back of my mind
But I won't leave you behind
Let this love begin
It's holding us near
We're feeling no fear
The whole world is ours to share