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All the Toys in the World

This song is by Catman Cohen and appears on the album How I Want to Dream: the Catman Chronicles 3 (2009).

You grew up in a womb of need
Rich friends flew to Waikiki
Swept the floors
In high end stores
Selling cool pomposity

You wore clothes from remainder bins
Hotties danced in Gucci sins
To God, you swore
You’d make a score
Become the next financial prince

Golden Boy
It’s far too late
The things you buy
Can’t heal your pain
Golden Boy
It’s far too late
Childhood stings
Never fade

All the toys in the world
Not going to soothe your wounds
All the toys in the world
Won’t erase the gloom
Of the child who lacked
While others played
And watched in silent rage
Of the child who hurt
And felt ashamed
Crying inside his room

Tycoons lured you to their cave
Taught you how to cheat and rape
You walk the streets
All alone
Own a castle
Lost your home

Golden Boy, you’ve got to change
Golden Boy, you need to be saved

All the toys in the world
Let’s put them in a pile
All the toys in the world
Let’s set them all on fire

Burn, baby, burn

All the toys in the world

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