Catie Curtis:I Don't Cry Anymore Lyrics

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I Don't Cry Anymore

This song is by Catie Curtis and appears on the album Catie Curtis (1997).

We didn't know what to call it
We were just 16
I kept your picture in my pocket
Though you were always with me
And we thought no one would notice
If we followed all the rules
But they found out about us
And kicked us out of school

I don't cry anymore
I don't cry anymore

We drove across the country
Didn't know where to go
And we leased a motel room
Somewhere in Idaho
But the whole thing scared you
So you took a bus home
I couldn't talk to my family
So I went on alone

I don't cry anymore
I don't cry anymore

I still think about you
Though we never talk
I heard that you got married
And I put your picture in a box
But I hope that you're not sorry
For the choice you made
I'm finally alive again
I hope your body's not your grave

I don't cry anymore
I don't cry anymore

Written by:

Catie Curtis